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The Douglas Environmental Commitment

Less Carbon, Better Materials, Cleaner Energy

More Science, Less Carbon

Douglas’ ecoLight® foam is a 4th-generation memory foam, designed to have the same durability as high-density memory foams with only half the carbon footprint. Using 50% less carbon in your mattress means that your Douglas is lighter, more breathable, and can be delivered using less fuel.

Graph comparing the carbon footprint of the Douglas and other mattresses.

Renewable Materials

Douglas covers are crafted using sustainable Natural Eucalyptus Fabric. Eucalyptus trees grow quickly with little water and virtually no pesticides. The trees are then turned into raw organic fibre using a 99.5% efficient closed-loop process – which produces almost zero waste. This organic fibre is then spun into durable thread that we use to create the unique cover of every Douglas mattress.

Made Entirely in Canada

By manufacturing and shipping exclusively in Canada, Douglas’ carbon footprint is greatly reduced. All 3 foam layers, fabrics, covers, and even packaging are sourced from Canadian suppliers and the finished product is crafted in Ontario, Canada.

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Manufactured Using Renewable Energy

More than 90% of the energy used to manufacture your Douglas mattress is generated without emitting any carbon into the atmosphere at all, much of it coming from wind, solar, and hydro.

Optimized Shipping

The companies that deliver Douglas directly to your door share our strong commitment to environmental sustainability. They have upgraded their fleets of vehicles to increase traditional fuel efficiency while working to transition to the use of bio-fuels, hybrid, and electric power – where possible.

Image of the eco-friendly Douglas mattress box on a grey background.

Efficiency at Every Step

Even our return process is hyper-efficient. We use local movers to pick-up and donate returned mattresses to local charities in your area. If you decide to return the mattress before the end of the 120-night sleep trial, rest easy knowing the mattress goes to charities, not landfills.

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