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What materials are used in the Douglas mattress?

Douglas mattresses are made with Canadian-built foams and fabrics. The top 2” comfort layer is made with ecoLight®️ cooling gel foam, developed to be just as durable as 4lb high-density memory foam while using up to 40% less carbon input. The middle 2” layer is made of Elastex®️ foam to give the mattress just the right amount of bounce. The bottom 6” support foam isolates movement and provides better edge support. The washable cover contains sustainable Tencel®️ fibres.

What kind of foundation or base can I use? Do I even need one?

We recommend using a foundation, but you can use your Douglas mattress directly on the floor provided it is not on floors susceptible to moisture build-up such as a concrete floor, below-grade (basement) floor, or on a floor in a humid environment.

Acceptable foundations include: adjustable bases, solid untreated wood platform beds, horizontally slatted systems with gaps no more than 3″ apart and slats no less than 2″ wide, non-flexing box springs that are in good repair, foundations specifically designed for memory foam/latex beds.

For Queen, King, and California King mattresses, platform beds and slat systems require at least one center support beam. Platform beds and adjustable bases made of wired metal are not acceptable for use with your Douglas.

How does the 120-Night Sleep Trial work?

The 120-night sleep trial is our guarantee that comes with your Douglas mattress purchase. From the day your new Douglas mattress arrives, you’ll have 120 nights to make sure it’s right for you. If you are unhappy with it after trying it for at least 30 nights, you can return it for a full refund. We’ll send a moving company to pick it up and then refund 100% of your money. Refunds can take a few days to appear on your credit card.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping is free to nearly all Canadians. There may be a remote shipping fee to some remote locations.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

After you order, it usually takes 1-2 business days for your mattress to ship. Delivery can take 1-6 business days after it has shipped, depending on your location. Please note that business days do not include weekends or public holidays.

Where do you ship to?

We ship everywhere in Canada. Sorry – Douglas is for Canadians only and we do not ship outside of Canada.

Will all my items arrive in the same shipment?

Your items will ship separately. Most Douglas mattresses are made to order and ship from our factory after 1-2 business days. If you have ordered multiple mattresses, they may ship separately. If you have also ordered a foundation and/or pillows, these items will ship separately from the mattress and will have their own tracking information.


What does the mattress feel like?

Douglas mattresses are medium-firm, with a plush supporting feel. They are perfect for all sleeping positions and all types of sleepers.

How Canadian is a Douglas mattress?

Douglas is 100% Canadian. It is designed, photographed, manufactured, delivered, and warrantied by Canadians in Canada.

What are the mattress dimensions and weight?

Twin: 38” x 75” x 10″, 38 pounds

TwinXL: 38” x 80” x 10″, 40 pounds

Full/Double: 53” x 75” x 10″, 50 pounds

Queen: 60” x 80” x 10″, 65 pounds

King: 76” x 80” x 10″, 80 pounds

California King: 72” x 84” x 10″, 80 pounds

Does my Douglas have an odor or off-gas?

We use high-grade materials that have little to no odor or chemical off-gassing. Our ecoLight®, Elastex®, and support foams are certified by the CertiPUR® program. They do not contain any harmful chemicals, heavy metals, or impact the air quality. There is no need to air out your mattress overnight. Any faint odors or smells will dissipate within a few hours.

Is there an adjustment or break-in period?

You may experience an adjustment or break-in period with your new Douglas mattress. Just like a new pair of shoes, the materials in the mattress need to be physically broken in, so it might feel more stiff than you’d expect in the first few weeks of ownership. We recommend that you give your new Douglas mattress up to 30 days to experience the full effect.

I’m allergic to latex. Is that a problem?

Nope! We don’t use latex in any of our products.

How do I wash my Douglas mattress cover?

Wash the TOP COVER ONLY. Wash with cool or warm water on delicate setting. Hang to dry or tumble dry on low heat. To prevent colour transfer from other laundry, wash the cover in its own separate load.

Purchase, Shipping and Setup

Does Douglas ever go on sale?

The price you see on the website is the best possible price we can offer.

Do you sell to anyone outside Canada?

Nope. Douglas is for Canadians only.

How do I setup my Douglas mattress when it arrives?

It’s easy – open the box, take out your new Douglas mattress, and move it to the desired location. Unroll your Douglas and remove the plastic cover. Watch it expand and enjoy it.

If my Douglas is too firm or too soft, will you ship me a free topper?

No. Some companies send out cheap foam toppers from China to try to reduce return rates. Most companies have stopped this policy because it doesn’t improve customer experience. Instead of this, we focused on making our Douglas mattresses better, with a longer sleep trial, and don’t recommend ever using a cheap topper. If Douglas isn’t right for you, returns are painless and easy.

What size box does the Douglas ship in and how much does the package weigh?

The Douglas ships in a 18″ x 18″ x 45″ box but the weights vary depending on the size of the mattress.

Twin: 44 pounds

TwinXL: 46 pounds

Full/Double: 56 pounds

Queen: 71 pounds

King: 86 pounds

California King: 86 pounds

What should I expect on delivery day?

It’s the day you’ve been waiting for! Your new Douglas products are on their way and will be delivered to your building today. The drivers will leave your package(s) right at your door if they feel it’s safe to do so. In the event that delivery is not possible, the driver will attempt redelivery or will leave your package(s) at your local pick up center for you to collect at your convenience. Please remember to follow all instructions on any shipping note or delivery notice left on your door or in your mailbox. Drivers will not be able to carry your new Douglas products up flights of stairs or to your bedroom nor will they be able to unbox your package(s) for you.


Are returns free?


Yes, returns are free within the 120-night trial. You must sleep on your  Douglas mattress for at least 30 nights before you can return it.

Accessories & Foundations

No, these items are subject to product-specific return fees as outlined in our Purchase Policy. Unopened accessories can be returned within the timeframe listed in this policy. Returns are not available for pillows, mattress protectors, foundations, or adjustable beds once their packaging has been opened.

What happens to returned mattresses?

We never resell or restock returned mattresses. In fact, we donate returned mattresses to local charities and community organizations whenever available.

How do I organize a return?

Contact us between nights 30 and 120 of your sleep trial and we’ll arrange for your mattress to be removed by one of our removal partners. Once removed, we’ll issue a full refund. The return timeline can vary dependent on your geography and what local services are available. To initiate a return, email The subject line of the email should read “Return Request – [Your Order #]”. In the body of the email, include the full name on the order and the reason for your return. Within 1-2 business days, our Customer Experience team will respond with next steps to set up a removal date.